Why does fire smoke kills you


Smoke  is a second stage of fire  which moves from low pressure to high pressure or in upward direction because of  warmness in smoke  due to this warmness temp of the closed room can easily raise to 100 Celsius faster and in long room or hall it can spread slowly.

Gases present in the smoke 

In smoke gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapors are present. in smoke carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is very poisonous  due to  presence of these gases it also affect the body like coughing and irritation in eyes and excess inhalation of these gases may lead to the death of a person.
if a person got exposed to smoke then he can only inhale upto only 55 ppm(parts per million) of smoke.


if a person got stuck in a smoky room he or she can get out of the room by crawling out of the room and same thing can be done for evacuation if the SCBA set is not present there for fire fighter.


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