What are forest fires?How are they caused and what are the measures taken to control them?

 A forest fire is that type of fire which are caused in forest due to heat that  are produced in summer generally. we can call it as unplanned fire or uncontrolled fire . it may be cause in vegetation which may be combustible it can be classified as wild fire, bush fire or wildland fire. it is very common in those areas where the climate is Mediterranean Causes There are many causes of such fire like in natural causes are- Lighting dry climate  volcanic eruption Human activity is also major cause of forest fire or may called as wild fire. people who visit forest or cross through forest  smoker discard there cigarettes' or power line arc or spark from ignition can cause fire in forest. Measures  There is no such major to control the fire but we can prevent forest from such fire by not discarding cigarettes  and using such equipment which produces spark with some fire equipments like extinguisher and as such .   

Gas Explosion

 It may be a deflagration or detonation. it totally depend on the flame speed which can be greater than or less than the speed of sound in the unburned fuel air mixture.

In deflagration and detonation Peak pressure and the form of pressure time loading are fundamentally different . In detonation Peak pressure generated are at least twice as large as those of deflagration. Pressures generated in gas or dust deflagrations in buildings are often of the order of 1 psig because most building structures will fail at pressures of that order of magnitude


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