Crash fire tender

 Classification of requirement

The ACFT shall consist of a water tank of capacity
indicated below with necessary fittings:
Class                                   SeIf-Defence
                                          Water Capacity
Class I                                  upto 4500
Class 11                            4501 upto 6500
Class 111                          6501 upto 9000
Class IV                            9001 and above

The primary extinguishing agent shall be either AFFF  or protein based with 3 percent or 6 percent foam
A mid-ship mounted pump driven of the vehicle PTO shall be fitted having a minimum output of 4000 l/rein at a delivery pressure 8.5 kg/cm2 and suction lift 1.5 m.
The pump shall also be capable of minimum output 3000 l/rein at higher pressure of not exceeding 12.5 kg/cm2 to suit the monitor output for same suction mode.

The air field crash fire tender (ACFT) shall be capable of the following minimum performance with
the monitor mounted on the roof cabin and two hand lines on either side:

A minimum output through monitor at pressure not exceeding 12.5 kg/cm2 of 3000 I to give effective monitor throw of 55 m of specified quality foam.

A minimum output of 5001 of foam to each of the hand-lines on either side of the ACFT  to give a minimum effective throw specified foam of 25 m at pump delivery pressures not exceeding 8.5 kg/cm2 and using 30 m specified hose, and

It shall be possible to operate the monitor and two hand-lines simultaneously at pump delivery pressure of 8.5 kg/cm2.

Dimensions and other performance requirements

Acceleration                 For Class 1 0-80 kmph in
                                     25 s and for Class 2 and
                                     above 0-80 kmph in 40s

Maximum speed           100 km per hour
Maximum angle             30 degree 
of approach
Inter axle clearance        458 mm (minimum) ( 12°min)
Under axle clearance      305 mm (minimum)
Side slope                       20 percent
Gradability                      50 percent
Stability                           30/28/26124° (minimum)
Foldability                        608 mm
Turning circle radius        Less than 3 lengths of ACFT
Steering pad circle           30 m radius at 30 kmph
Articulation                      300 mm (minimum)
Braking efficiency
  with full load                  10.7 mat 32 kmph and 40 m
                                          at 64 kmph for Class 1 to 3
                                          and 12 m and 50 m for
                                          Class IV
Pump capacity                4000 l/rein (minimum) at
                                         8.5 kg/cm2
Steering                            Right hand drive preferably
Drive                                 on all wheel

For more information related read IS 951


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