Requirement for dry powder tender


The dry chemical fire tender is designed in such position that it can carry 150 kg of dry powder

Design and construction

a) Wheel base not greater than 3.20 m,
b) Overall width not greater than 2.0 m,
c) Road clearance not less than 20 cm, and
d) Turning circle not greater than 17 m.

The chassis shall be of four wheel and drive on all the four wheel
The rear axle shall be fitted with stabilizer

Dry powder extinguishing equipment

Two dry powder extinguishing cylinder of 75 kg shall be mounted on chassis
Each cylinder of 75 kg capacity shall be connected with nitrogen cylinder separately having capacity of not less than 1.7 cubic meter and fitted with reducer valve and 10 m of 25 mm dia pneumatic rubber hose operated one at a time.
The discharge rate for the powder shall be not less than 2.5 kg per second and throw shall be not less than 10 m for a minimum period of 25 seconds.
The total discharge of the powder shall not be less than 85 percent of total content.

One additional connection shall be provided in the inlet end of the hose to flush out the powder in the hose by using the air from outside source.

Dry chemical powder vessel shall be provided with filling orifice having a suitable cover and with diameter not less than 15 cm. It shall also be provided with drain orifice with cover at the base of the
extinguishers and of diameter not less than 50 cm. The vessel shall also be fitted with safety valve and blow off valve. The working pressure of the cylinders should not exceed 15 kgf/cm2 at 16°C. The body of the cylinders shall be hydraulically tested to a pressure of 30 kgf/cm2.

For further information you can read IS 955


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