Fog Nozzel

 A fog nozzel is a fire fighting nozzel. It breaks the water Stream into small one. Due to break down of small droplets it covers great surface due to which it absorb more amount of heat 


They are made up of casting and forging
Sand casting                         Grade LTD 2 of IS : 318-1981 or
                                              Grade HTB 1 of IS : 304-1981
Die casting                            Grade 3 of IS : 292-1983
Hot forging                           Grade 1 of IS 291
Gravity die casting                IS 1264

Washer - Washer shall be conform from IS 937
Extension applicator-    It shall be of aluminium alloy tube according to IS 738.

Shape and diemension

The length of the applicator if used shall not be less than 1.75m.
Nozzel end shall have a bend of angle 90 to 100 degree.
The threads at the two ends shall have a length of not less than 20 mm

Performance requirement

The fog nozzel head shall not have a flow less than 225 l/min 
The jet head of the fog nozzel shall not have flow less than 400 l/min at pressure of 7 kgf/cm square.
The angle of the cone of fog produced shall not be less than 90° and not more than 120° at the apex.
Hydrostatic Pressure Test — Each fog nozzle shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of 2.1 MN/m2 (21 kgf/cm2) by suitable adopters for a period of 2.5 minutes for the purpose of locating porosity in the
casting and leakage.
The horizontal reach of the fog pattern shall not be less than 6 m from the fog-head on the fog nozzle and not less than 4.5 m from the fog-head on the extension applicator when operating at a pressure of
0.7 MN/mm2 (7 kgf/cm2) in still air.


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