Summary of IS 943 Fire trailer pump

 This trailer pump is designed for having water capacity of 680 l/min. It should have water capacity of 680 l/min having pressure of 7 kgf/cm square and driven by internal combustion engine. 


All the parts which is used to made pump should be of corrosion resistance 
The following material shall be used for pump- 
  • Trailer chassis frame              Suitable mild steel 
  • Axle                                        Carbon steel or mild steel
  • Pump casing                            Aluminium alloy grade 4600 A
  • Impeller ring and impeller neck ring             Leaded tin bronze
  • Pump shaft                                                     Stainless steel Grade 04Cr18Nilo
  • Engine cover and pump panel                       Mild steel sheets


The engine used in pump shall be IC engine and have minimum of 4 stroke and have a capacity of 5 percent power that can give to pump and the pump can work at pressure of 7 kgf/cm square and if the engine is of petrol then it should have dual coil ignition with automatic cut out. 


The pump shall be of single stage centrifugal pump and a drain plug should be provided to bottom of pump casing.The impeller shall be dynamically balanced for maximum operating speed along with any other unmachined rotating parts on proper balancing equipment. The pump casing shall be of robust
construction and tested to withstand 1.5 times the shut off pressure at maximum operating speed or twice the operating pressure, whichever is higher.


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