Summary of IS 942 Portable fire pump set

 This pump set shall be of 275 litre/ min and have a pressure of 4 kgf/cm square. and fitted on a steel frame with anti-vibration coil. 


The design of the engine used in pump should be of single cylinder two stroke or four stroke. The engine can either be driven of diesel or petrol. and should be air cooled.


The pump that will be installed should be single stage centrifugal pump and the casing of the pump shall be designed in such a way that there is easy excess to impeller and can easily inspect and erect the pump. the pump shall be fitted with mechanical gland of  self adjusting type.

 test of pump performance is done at 27 degree Celsius at 760 mm of mercury.

The pump shall be tested with suction strainer fitted continuously
for 4 hours shall be with a lift of 3 m for the following duties:
output Pressure
I/min          kgf/cm 2
545                  2.5
365                  3.5
275                  4.0

The primer of the pump shall lift the water from at least 7 m of height in not more than 45 second.
The fuel tank have a capacity of fuel such that it can run a pump for 2 hours continuously.
The control panel shall include-
  1. Hand throttle
  2. Pressure gauge calibrated from 0 to 10 kgf/cm square. 
  3. Compound gauge with pressure calibrated from 0 to 6 kgf/cm square in black and vacuum 0 to 75 cm of mercury in red.
All the specification are done according to Indian standard 942


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