Revolving branch


Revolving branch are those branch which are used for extinguishing fire which occur in that place where firefighter can reach is very difficult. then we can use this branch by making hole on terrace. mostly these type of branch are used in navy. 

material and about it

Revolving branch are used at 150 psi maximum operating pressure  and is made up of 63 mm male instantaneous coupling that use to connect on hose and have 9 holes of 6.35 mm diameter and these holes are in dome shape on a cylindrical cap that are supported on ball bearing so that it can revolve at around 360 degree. Each hole has a length of 3.12 cm ,three on the circumference of the plane of revolution but inclined 600 to the tangent of the circular revolving plane, three in the center of the upper half pointing upwards at 600 to the vertical.


These revolving branch are made up with help of sand casting, die casting of grade 3 of IS 292, Hot forging of Grade 1 of IS 291, Gravity die casting of IS 1264.


the branch should rotate for about 10 hours without any leakage or failure at pressure of 1 MN/m square.
All these test and manufacturing are done according to IS 906.


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