Fire hose reel testing specification


        Before 1673 fire brigade uses water buckets to extinguish fire but after 1673 a new technique was introduce and that was Hose reel this hose reel was invented by a superintendent in fire brigade of Amsterdam name of that person was Jan Van der Hyden . the fire hose reel that was invented by Mr. hyden was 15 meter in length and was made of leather material that was sewn together.

     Types of Hose reel

  • Type A:- This type of hose reel can move 180 angle and is wall mounting.
  • Type B:- This type of hose reel is horizontal type and used in installation on fire engines.

     Components that combine and make hose reel

  1. Hub 
  2. Two sides
  3. Swivel joint
  4. pipe with fitting
  5. wall bracket
  6. hose reel
  7. stop valve
  8. Nozzle with shutoff arrangement    

Test to Check failure

Before use of hose reel in workplace it should have to go through various test such as leakage test, Impact test to check the strength and range and water flow rate all these test are done according to Indian standard 884.

  •  Leakage test:- In this test a hose reel has to bound to the drum and the nozzle should be closed and the water supply should be on at 10 bar pressure for 5 minutes and in this duration if the pipe gets leak then the hose reel is not manufactured perfectly.
  • Range and water flow rate:- in this test a hose reel water flow rate should not be less than 24 l/min. and  to check the range water should be supply at 7 bar pressure and the distance when water supply is on it should be 50% of the nozzle and the water fall on ground
  • Impact test:- in this test a hammer of 25 kg mass should be free fall from 30 cm on the plate placed on centrally on two sides of plates to check the impact on the side plates of drum of hose reel



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