History and types of sprinkler

In 1812 the first sprinkler system was installed in United kingdom at Theater royal, Drury lane. At that time these systems were Designed in such that the cylindrical airtight reservoir contains 95,000 litres which was fed by 250mm water main which supplies water to all parts of theater.

Types of Sprinkler
1. Perforated type sprinkler system- 
This type of system were used in textile mills in new England as a fire protection but the difficulty was that they were not automatic these sprinkler system were used in 1852 to 1885.After that Philip W. Pratt of Abington, Massachusetts started experimenting for automatic sprinkler in around 1860 after that in 1872 he patented this system.

2. Automatic sprinkler System-
Henry S. Parmalee of New Haven, Connecticut, is considered the inventor of the first practical automatic sprinkler head.After that parmalee improved the system which was patented by Philip W. Pratt. In 1874 the piano factory which was owned by Henry S. Parmalee installed its modified system in it 

At that time all the sprinkler systems were used in only commercial buildings only 

The old fire sprinkler system works on a simple mechanism that a metal cap is fixed to the end of a pipe with a solder which was specifically designed in such a way that it can get melted easily and the sprinkler gets started . The solder or even a disk was made of alloy of tin or other metal like bismuth the melting point of these metal is about 160 Fahrenheit(71 Celsius). 


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