A fire is a exothermic chemical process in which fuel gets ignited in presence of oxygen and gave out heat and light. A fire is an exothermic reaction because it gives out heat and light in the surrounding. It occurs in 4 stages that are Incipient, Smouldering, Growth and at last it gets decay. In first stage that is incipient in this stage when heat, oxygen and fuel combines and evolve in chemical reaction in this stage a person can't able to see the heat and smoke then after incipient stage. Smouldering Stage occurs in this stage a person or a fire fighter can only see the smoke as the fuel burn slowly and only smoke can be visible and no flame will be seen. Smoke generated from fire has many toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and many more, Due to release of these toxic gases from smoke generated by fire people loss their life more in comparison to fire. Due to generation of carbon monoxide from smoke it get dissolved in person's body who get stuck in fire in a closed room. Carbon monoxide present in smoke when dissolved in human body makes Carboxyhemoglobin(COHb) Which makes a person dead due to suffocation and decrease in level of oxygen in room and the third stage of fire starts getting grow in this stage Flames of fire gets visible and smoke gets disappear.At last after fully development of growth of fire. Only decay remains in fire like ashes and non-flaming by products gets remained. The decay stage also have two common danger and that are the existence of non-flaming combustibles, which can potentially start a new fire if not fully extinguish and second is the danger of a backdraft when oxygen is reintroduced to a volatile, confined space 


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