Fire and safety jobs

now a days culture of fire and safety in various industries such as PSU's and many  other industry. and due to increase in demand of safety officer  vacancies are also increasing for that there are various courses in fire and safety like b.e in fire and safety and diplomas are also available . To do these courses various conditions are there for various courses of fire like to do B.E fire you have to first qualify 12 standard with physics chemistry and math subject after that you have to give exam of IIT JEE main and score as lower rank as you can and your body have to  physically fit with proper eyesight after completion of JEE rank and other formality apply to  different institutes where you want to get admission and for diploma you can get admission easily there is no condition that you should have any specific branch like you have to only clear your 12 standard with PCM you can complete your higher school with any stream but in this case you have remain physically  fit. means in any course of fire and safety you have to be fit with complete 6/6 eyesight. 


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