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What are forest fires?How are they caused and what are the measures taken to control them?

 A forest fire is that type of fire which are caused in forest due to heat that  are produced in summer generally. we can call it as unplanned fire or uncontrolled fire . it may be cause in vegetation which may be combustible it can be classified as wild fire, bush fire or wildland fire. it is very common in those areas where the climate is Mediterranean Causes There are many causes of such fire like in natural causes are- Lighting dry climate  volcanic eruption Human activity is also major cause of forest fire or may called as wild fire. people who visit forest or cross through forest  smoker discard there cigarettes' or power line arc or spark from ignition can cause fire in forest. Measures  There is no such major to control the fire but we can prevent forest from such fire by not discarding cigarettes  and using such equipment which produces spark with some fire equipments like extinguisher and as such .   

Fire hose reel testing specification

    h istory         Before 1673 fire brigade uses water buckets to extinguish fire but after 1673 a new technique was introduce and that was Hose reel this hose reel was invented by a superintendent in fire brigade of Amsterdam name of that person was Jan Van der Hyden . the fire hose reel that was invented by Mr. hyden was 15 meter in length and was made of leather material that was sewn together.      Types of Hose reel Type A:- This type of hose reel can move 180 angle and is wall mounting. Type B:- This type of hose reel is horizontal type and used in installation on fire engines.      Components that combine and make hose reel Hub  Two sides Swivel joint pipe with fitting wall bracket hose reel stop valve Nozzle with shutoff arrangement     Test to Check failure Before use of hose reel in workplace it should have to go through various test such as leakage test, Impact test to check the strength and range and water flow rate all these test are done according to Indian standard 884

Fire and safety jobs

now a days culture of fire and safety in various industries such as PSU's and many  other industry. and due to increase in demand of safety officer  vacancies are also increasing for that there are various courses in fire and safety like b.e in fire and safety and diplomas are also available . To do these courses various conditions are there for various courses of fire like to do B.E fire you have to first qualify 12 standard with physics chemistry and math subject after that you have to give exam of IIT JEE main and score as lower rank as you can and your body have to  physically fit with proper eyesight after completion of JEE rank and other formality apply to  different institutes where you want to get admission and for diploma you can get admission easily there is no condition that you should have any specific branch like you have to only clear your 12 standard with PCM you can complete your higher school with any stream but in this case you have remain physically  fit. means i

History and types of sprinkler

In 1812 the first sprinkler system was installed in United kingdom at Theater royal, Drury lane. At that time these systems were Designed in such that the cylindrical airtight reservoir contains 95,000 litres which was fed by 250mm water main which supplies water to all parts of theater. Types of Sprinkler   1. Perforated type sprinkler system-  This type of system were used in textile mills in new England as a fire protection but the difficulty was that they were not automatic these sprinkler system were used in 1852 to 1885.After that  Philip W. Pratt of Abington, Massachusetts  started experimenting for automatic sprinkler in around 1860 after that in 1872 he patented this system. 2. Automatic sprinkler System- Henry S. Parmalee of New Haven, Connecticut, is considered the inventor of the first practical automatic sprinkler head .After that parmalee improved the system which was patented by Philip W.  Pratt. In 1874 the piano factory which was owned by Henry S. Parmalee installed it


A fire is a exothermic chemical process in which fuel gets ignited in presence of oxygen and gave out heat and light. A fire is an exothermic reaction because it gives out heat and light in the surrounding. It occurs in 4 stages that are Incipient, Smouldering, Growth and at last it gets decay. In first stage that is incipient in this stage when heat, oxygen and fuel combines and evolve in chemical reaction in this stage a person can't able to see the heat and smoke then after incipient stage. Smouldering Stage occurs in this stage a person or a fire fighter can only see the smoke as the fuel burn slowly and only smoke can be visible and no flame will be seen. Smoke generated from fire has many toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and many more, Due to release of these toxic gases from smoke generated by fire people loss their life more in comparison to fire. Due to generation of carbon monoxide from smoke it get dissolved in